TALOS-AI4SSH ERA Chair in Artificial Intelligence for Humanities and Social Sciences

Project Strategy

“ERA Chairs support universities or research organisations […] to attract and maintain high-quality human resources under the direction of an outstanding researcher and research manager (the ‘ERA Chair holder’), and to implement structural changes to achieve excellence on a sustainable basis.” Horizon Europe 2021-2022.

Thanks to the generous funding by the European Commission (ERA Chairs HORIZON-WIDERA-2022-TALENTS-01), the University of Crete will enhance its capacity building in the field of Digital Humanities. A new Center of Excellence will be established in Rethymnon: TALOS, named after the ancient robot/guardian of Crete. The activities of the Center will be led by Professor Christophe Roche, who has committed to put his long standing experience in Artificial Intelligence and Digital Humanities to the service of the UoC for the duration of the project (2023-2028).

The Center will propose innovative curricula for the students of the Faculty of Philosophy of UoC, will organise conferences, workshops, colloquia, open courses and seminars for targeted groups (academic community, students of the UoC, girls, society at large), will attract highly talented researchers to the UoC and will foster collaborations with other Centers in Greece and abroad.

Artificial Intelligence for Social Sciences and Humanities


  • TALOS ERA Chair in AI for SSH will create and manage a new centre of excellence in explainable AI for SSH (Social Sciences and Humanities) that will interconnect several departments of UoC departments at Rethymnon (the Schools of Philosophy, Education and Social Sciences, coordinating department: Department of Philology) under a common research and teaching agenda.

  • Semantic technologies, such as Knowledge Graphs (KGs), are natively developed to be explainable. They are the modern implementations of Good old-fashioned Symbolic AI. TALOS will combine the strengths of neural networks with symbolic reasoning to create a scalable, sustainable and explainable  representation of knowledge in the Humanities and the Social Sciences.

  • TALOS ERA Chair will harness the power of AI systems that can learn from scholar’s annotations to add AI-enhanced data to the semantic layer of SSH Linked Open Data cloud.

Aims & Objectives

  • Foster institutional reforms through research and teaching in the multidisciplinary area of AI for SSH.
  • Enhance the international visibility of the UCRC, grow networks, increase UoC success in international funding schemes, and lead to brain gain.
  • Attract and maintain an excellent team of researchers, scientists and scholars.
  • Address important research questions in hybrid (neurosymbolic) AI that drive innovation for SSH.
  • Create new open datasets and open-source tools for Digital Humanities and Social Sciences.
  • Disseminate new knowledge via conferences, workshops, articles, doctoral dissertations.
  • Focus on the vulgarization of new knowledge through global outreach initiatives.

Latest News

🆘TOTh’s 2024 «Terminology & Artificial Intelligence (1)» Ontology & Knowledge Graph training. 🆘📍Onsite & Online: June 4 & 5, 2024 (from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm)🔗 For more info, registrations: toth.condillac.orgThe University of Crete students can attend both conference (June 6 & 7) and training for free.❓Objectives: Participants will acquire the theoretical and practical skills needed to build the conceptual system of terminology, focusing on the double dimension of terminology (linguistic and conceptual). Protégé will be used to build ontologies opening Terminology to the Digital World of Knowledge Graph and Semantic Web.#AI#ArtificialIntelligence#DigitalHumanities#DH#Talos#TalosUoC#ComputerScience#Semantics#SemanticAnnotationoftexts#digitalization#NLP#standards#standardsforSSH#SSH#TALOSAI4SSH #UOC #crete #greece #AISocialInsights #HumanitiesTechBlend #DigitalSociology #EthicsInTech #SocialImpactAI #TechMeetsCulture #AIHumanConnection #SocSciInnovation #DigitalEthnography #aiandsociety

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6 days ago

🆘 TOTh’s 2024 “Terminology & Ontology: Theories and applications” conference. 🆘📍Onsite (University Savoie Mont-Blanc France) & online, June 6-7.🔗 For more info, registrations, programme: toth.condillac.orgThe University of Crete students can attend both conference and training in “Terminology and Artificial Intelligence” (June 4 & 5) for free.❓The TOTh community was created in 2007 and, ever since, has drawn together researchers, teachers, trainers, practitioners, users and industrialists whose interests concern terminology and, in a more general way, the links between language and knowledge in the context of our discipline.#AI#ArtificialIntelligence#DigitalHumanities#DH#Talos#TalosUoC#ComputerScience#Semantics#SemanticAnnotationoftexts#digitalization#NLP#standards#standardsforSSH#SSH#TALOSAI4SSH #UOC #crete #greece #AISocialInsights #HumanitiesTechBlend #DigitalSociology #EthicsInTech #SocialImpactAI #TechMeetsCulture #AIHumanConnection #SocSciInnovation #DigitalEthnography #aiandsociety

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🆘 Lightning Talk and support provided to potential candidates for a two-year MSCA Postdoctoral Fellowship in Digital Humanities. 🆘1️⃣ Dr. Maria Papadopoulou delivered a Lightning Talk at the 2024 Marie Curie Association Annual Conference (video). In her talk she underlined the three most valuable transferable skills for future applicants and current grantees, based on her experience as a former grantee (Project Chlamys 2015-2027).2️⃣ Interested in a two-year MSCA Postdoctoral Fellowship in Digital Humanities? Dr. Maria Papadopoulou is organising a one-day bootcamp (first week of May, online) to offer support to candidates with groundbreaking research ideas. To participate, please submit a concept note (max 2 pages) or video (max 3 min). For further information, contact Dr. Maria Papadopoulou, maria.papadopoulou@uoc.gr or mpapado811@gmail.com.#AI#ArtificialIntelligence#digitalhumanities#DH#Talos#semantics#semanticannotationoftexts#digitalization#NLP#standards#standardsforssh#SSH#greece#aisocialinsights#humanitiestechblend#digitalsociology

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☞ Exhibition "China art and culture"📍 University of Crete Library (Rethymnon)❓ The exhibition "China art and culture" organized by the University of Crete Library (Rethymnon) gives its visitors the opportunity to travel to Asia and discover both Chinese culture and its fusion with Greek culture through unique books and other printed material of the Library!☞ “中国艺术与文化”展📍 克里特大学图书馆(位于雷西姆诺)❓ 克里特大学图书馆(位于雷西姆诺)举办的“中国艺术与文化”展以其独特的书籍和其他印刷品带领参观者来到亚洲,了解中国文化及其与希腊文化的融合!☞ ‘Εκθεση “Κίνα τέχνη και πολιτισμός”📍Βιβλιοθήκη του Πανεπιστημίου Κρήτης (Ρέθυμνο)❓Η έκθεση “Κίνα τέχνη και πολιτισμός” της Βιβλιοθήκης του Πανεπιστημίου Κρήτης (Ρέθυμνο) δίνει τη δυνατότητα στους επισκέπτες της να ταξιδέψουν στην Ασία και να ανακαλύψουν τόσο τον κινεζικό πολιτισμό, όσο και τον συγκερασμό του με τον ελληνικό μέσα από μοναδικά βιβλία και λοιπό έντυπο υλικό της Βιβλιοθήκης!#book#exhibition#uocrete#uocretelibrary#Asia#chineseart#chineseculture#chinesebooks#greekculture#greekasianculture

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