The objective of the Talos ERA Chair Project is to create a hub of excellence at UCRC-UoC (Rethymnon) combining data and knowledge-based AI methods based on interdisciplinary collaborative research. In order to reach this general objective, six related Research Topics (RT) will be pursued.

work packages

RT1: Semantic annotation of texts

Use Hybrid AI to semantically annotate large text collections that cover vast historical time periods, revealing patterns and biases. The objective is to produce open data that are shareable, searchable, findable, and linkable to external resources.

RT2: Classifying and naming objects

Describe (knowledge modelling), classify (using machine learning to analyze images) and name objects (terminology and standards) in order to produce shareable and searchable datasets in Linked & Open Data formats for the Semantic Web.

RT3: Pattern recognition in literary/journalistic/other corpora

Using NLP, Knowledge Representation (KR) and Deep Neural Networks for pattern detection in order to detect linguistic and semantic patterns in a large corpus.

RT4: Digitalization and datafication of education

Training AI armed by the Knowledge Space Theory, will help us to define and represent students’ knowledge gaps, taking into account the complexity of scientific concepts’ relations between each other.

RT5: HAI-NLP Software for SSH

This topic is dedicated to the implementation of the software necessary for the realization of the RTs.

RT6: Standards for SSH

Using standards is essential for data and knowledge sharing as well as for linking them to external resources.

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