• “I had many occasions to think about my experience as a visitor researcher abroad, and what I am sure about is that if I had the chance to go back to the past, I would definitely take again the same decision, to ask to come in Rethymno at TALOS Project, because I think it has opened my eyes and my perspective in many ways and layers. Also, it is a new project and I am sure that in the next years it will become an important research centre not only all around Europe, but also around the world, since the professors of TALOS community are spending big efforts to open up to all those people interested in the field of DH and AI, trying to overcome national and continental borders.”
    Diego Canali, Master’s student in Philology, Literature and Classical tradition, University of Bologna (Italy), Recipient of scholarship from the Department of Classical and Italianistic Philology (FICLIT), TALOS Visiting scholar (Winter semester 2023)
  • link to Diego’s research stay final report
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