Seminar and Workshop (May 2023)

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Title: Digital Editions in Ancient Greek Literature

Dates: May 8-12 : 11.00-13.00

Location: UCRC, Room of Multiple Uses

: Andreas Antonopoulos (University of Ioannina)


Title: Digital Education: the Role of Artificial Intelligence

Dates: May 12-13

Location: Room S1, Departement of Philosophy and Social Studies and online here



  • Digital Education: Educational Data Analytics & Artificial Intelligence , Demetrios Sampson [pdf]
  • Reviewing computational thinking in compulsory education in europe Panagiotis Kampylis [pdf]
  • The ethical use of artificial intelligence (AI) and data in teaching and learning for Educators, Maria Gkountouma [pdf]
  • Developing an interdisciplinary educational program for higher education students on Artificial Intelligence (AI) literacy: methodological dilemmas and challenges, Konstantinos Sipitanos [pdf]
  • Natural Language Processing in Digital Humanities: a case study, Galanaki Maria-Anna [pdf]
  • The Research Strand o Education for TALOS Project, Eleni Katsarou & Christophe Roche [pdf]
  • Digital multiliteracies instruction, critical language awareness, AI literacy competencies, Anna Sfakianaki [pdf]



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